Monday, August 23, 2010

To Love A Black Hat

How awesome, wonderful, and incredible is our God! Every person who ever lived has had a god; everyone worships something. It might be Buddha, or money, or success, or aethism, or Allah. We can give our love to just about anything, but there is only One who will love us back! How can such a tiny vessel as a human body carry the magnitude of that Divine affection?

I am reading the Psalms for my current devotions, and today, I read Psalm 91, the end of which talks about how God will deliver the one who holds fast to Him in love. Do we hold fast to God in love? Do we cling to Him, vice gripping Him each and every day, staking everything we have on His steadfast faithfulness? Do we understand what it means to be loved by God?

That is truly an amazing thought! Think of God as the best good guy ever, and we are the bad guys: black hat, filthy heart, total scumbag. Now, these bad guys get caught and are finally brought to account for their wickedness. But then, the good guy stands up and says for all to hear, "I will die for them. I will take the punishment for their sins. Because I love those bad guys and I desire to make them mine!" The bad guy did nothing but evil; the Good Guy did everything and now, we are loved more than we can describe.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

When Things Totter

"When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars." Psalm 75:3

I love that verse! I've highlighted it in my Bible and next to it, I have a note: 'We must lean on God's strength.' I just love that imagery.

Everyone has those times when they feel unsteady or as the saying goes, 'their whole world's turned upside down.' When the entire planet is shaking, when our lives are crumbling down around us, when we're not sure how we're going have the strength to get up and face another day...God holds the pillars in place. Not the President, not the military, not our parents, not us...God. Just Him.

Sometimes, we get all worried about our lives and our troubles. We forget and think that God needs help to take care of His creation. It's HIS creation! I'm saying this to myself as much as anyone. I am a terrible worry wart! But my worrying won't do a single thing, except for give me an insanely bad headache. The pillars are too big for me to hold, but they fit just perfect in God's hands. I think that was the point in the first place.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forever Changed

Two thousand years ago, a man was sentenced to death by the Roman governor of Israel. He was then scoured, beaten, spit upon, cursed, and finally, nailed to two pieces of wood that had been lashed together to form a cross shape. For three hours, He hung there in agony, which we can't imagine, while His closest friends and His mother watched. Storm clouds covered the sky and when He died, the earth trembled beneath the weight. Then, He was laid in a tomb and His followers went home, numb because they thought their leader had failed...

Today, I sit in my home with my laptop in front of me and the school supplies I've been organizing to my right. I have been born and raised in America and seem to have no connection whatsoever with that Man who Pontius Pilate killed so long ago. Yet, I sit here today with a soul that is washed clean because of that Man. Today, when God looks at me, He sees the perfect sacrifice of that Man and He declares me justified and righteous, consecrated to Him.

The day Jesus came to this earth, all of human history that had come before Him and all that would come after changed, irrevocably. God touched His creation as He had never touched it before and did something that no one but He could...and we will never be the same!

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