Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Praise and Confession


What can I say? You know me. You know my lying tongue; You know my sinful heart. You see the wrong that I can't even sense. Yet, You love me...

Why? Why do You stay? Why do You still forgive after an eternity of rebellion? Why do You not leave me in the pit I keep returning to? Why don't You let me go?

How can I understand such love? How can it truly be mine? Oh, teach me what my forgiveness cost! Sear me with the memory of my salvation.

Never let me forget the blood that makes me clean! Teach me to love You for my stone heart cannot love alone. You must change me. You must give for me to return. It is not payment. It's praise.

Feeble, broken praise from half-holy lips, but to You, it is incense. Christ has perfected it. The Spirit transates it. And I stand holy before a perfect King!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday, I stepped outside after classes were done...and I met Fall. She had been on her way in the cold air and the turning leaves for more than week now, but not until yesterday did I catch her perfume. The crickle-crackle of leaves, spicy hot cider, rosy cheeks, bright eyes, turtleneck sweaters, and clear, cloudless skies; all this in the scent of Fall.

I do not think any other season invites such feelings of joy and worship in me like Fall does. I love watching the trees slowly ignite to crimson, saffron, and pumpkin orange, and of course, raking them into piles and jumping in them. Yes, I still do such things and I am convinced that jumping in leaf piles as an adult/semi-adult is even more fun than when I was little.

There is a tree that I pass every day coming home from school. Every day, as I go by, it is a little more crimson and a little less green. Then, the weekend comes, and it is even more aflame come Monday. Soon, its summer garment will have vanished and it will be standing beside the road in a thirty foot high blaze of brilliant red and yellow glory! And it is simply a tree, a mere creation. How much more beautiful must its Creator be!

Whether you enjoy fall or prefer summer, this is a marvelous thought: we are loved by the Person who created those radient colors, that mighty tree. Though the seasons come and go, He remains the same...always. He will always, eternally love us and that's something to rejoice about! Have a blessed autumn!