Sunday, September 27, 2009

Isn't it interesting the places we can get post ideas for? Today, mine came from a prayer at our community group. The man who was praying mentioned his gratitude that God has given us the Holy Scripture and it struck me. What would this world be like without the Bible?

It has been cherished, died for, belittled, and burned. It is the one Story that never grows out of date or irrelevant, though many people would like to claim so. Even Christians often push it to the margins or forget so very often what a blessing it is. Think about it. We love and trust God because we read of how He always provided for His people in the past. Romans 8, any of the Gospels, or 2 Samuel 22. These show His incomprehensible love, His everlasting mercy, and His mighty power.

God is not required to reveal Himself to us. He didn't have to give us the guidance and encouragement of Scripture. It is a gift and we need to remind ourselves of that. Here in America, Bibles are so easily available but there are places in the world where Christians have only portions that they cherish and memorize. I heard once of a person who walked, I believe, forty miles one way just to get a Bible. Would we do the same? Do we understand how precious it is?

It is the words of God Himself!


  1. Wonderful blog, Rachael! I love the name. Is there a story behind you chosing that name?

  2. Yes, kind of. My mom suggested it and I liked it, especially after remembering the discussion we had at bible study about the people around us being our spiritual offering to God. I'm at home and I am giving offerings of every day to God. It is a good reminder for me and a cool name. :-)