Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sandpaper People

I just got a new background with the help of my awesome, high-tech younger sister. She suffered through my painstakingly slow persusal of the different options and my control-freak need to do everything myself. Bless her heart!

As the oldest of five, I have had plenty of instances when that younger sister and the other three have acted in the same aggravating way to me. They are loud when I am trying to study, they ignore or interrupt me when I am trying to talk, and they discover unlimited ways to simply tick me off. Mom calls them 'sandpaper people'. Those are the people who rub your rough edges smooth; they teach your patience, selflessness, obedience, and humility. That would be my siblings.

And yet, there are times when I hear my six year old brother burst into hysterical laughter or eat lunch with my two beautiful sisters or marvel at the complexity of my other brother's artwork, and I just have to praise God for what would I do without them? What would I do without that obnoxious noise that fills this house or those young voices telling me things I feel too busy to listen to? I am first a Christian, then a daughter, and third...a sister. My siblings change me in ways they don't realize. They define who I am and the way I treat my husband and my kids, should God bless me with both, will be that way because of the decisions I made about them. They are my best friends, my worst enemies, my motherhood practice, and one of the greatest gifts God has given me and I am eternally grateful!


  1. Amen!! You especially realize this when your siblings start moving out! I'm the youngest though, so I am that sand paper! : ) But I sure do agree with not knowing what I would do without them!

  2. i'm happy to be your sandpaper! : -) thanks for being mine. LOVE YOU!


  3. I am that high-techi for Mama and she is the one who wants to do it all herself. It's hard to tell Mama how to do it sometimes because I'm the kinda person who's got to do something to show someone how to do it! Anyway, I like your new blog look and all the little gadgets you got on your sidebar. I am going to follow you, ad you are more than welcome to do the same here:


  4. Sweet! I'll go check your blog right now. Yeah, I love the background. It's awesome!